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Efforts Continue Unabated On Millie Fire

 Bozeman, MT – More than 100 people, including two helicopters and crews, will continue working to contain the Millie Fire, even as management of the fire transfers back  to the Gallatin National Forest at 8:00p.m. Friday night.

 The fire, which began Aug. 28 about 20 miles south of Bozeman, Montana, is now 65 percent contained at 10,185 acres.

 “We’re still fully staffed to finish the work that lies ahead on this fire,” said Incident Commander Tom Suwyn. “We’re leaving the Bozeman District in a comfortable situation with a manageable plan and enough resources to finish this fire up.

 More than 300 people continue work on the fire today, including seven crews, five helicopters, 10 engine, three dozers, one water tender and miscellaneous support personnel. Some of these resources will transfer to the Forest while others will be reassigned to other major fires burning throughout the country.

 Today hand crews and aerial resources will continue to cool the northeast flank of the fire, which is burning in the steep and rugged upper reaches of the Cottonwood Creek drainage. Crews continued mopping up the western flank of the fire on Wednesday and have nearly finished rehabbing the fire line that was dug there.

 Rehabilitation of fire-damaged portions of the forest will be moving forward now that the Burned Area Emergency Response Team is finishing its initial review and fieldwork. Soil scientists, engineers, biologists and hydrologists have identified roads, trails and culverts vulnerable to erosion from flooding and native plants at risk from the spread of existing invasive weeds. To mitigate these effects, the forest plans to reseed some areas and establish traps to retain hillside sediments.

 The Incident Command Post moves Friday to the Bozeman KOA Campground at 81123 Gallatin Road (U.S. 191). For information on the fire, please call the new fire information line at 406-522-2537 beginning 8:00a.m. Friday morning.

 The current fire information line; 1-877-405-0033, will remain active until then.

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