Jail to Jobs Program


Bozeman – The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and the local Montana Job Service have worked together for years helping inmates find jobs upon release.  Now, that partnership has been solidified with the creation of a new program called ‘Jail to Jobs’, led by Gallatin Co. Detention Center Program Director Jackie Keery and Teri Knutson with the Bozeman Job Service.  ‘Jails to Jobs’ matches employers with inmates looking for work.

Friday, six employers were brought into the jail to interview 8 inmates for a total of 16 interviews. Three inmates already have a good possibility of being hired!  In addition, some employers are interested in starting pre-apprentice programs in the Detention Center.

With unemployment in Gallatin County under 2%, many employers are having a difficult time filling open vacancies.  ‘Jails to Jobs’ helps employers find employees and helps inmates find work.  “Jails to Jobs is a win-win,” said Sheriff Brian Gootkin,”We want these people working, taking care of their families and being productive members of society.  We don’t want them back in jail, we want those beds for bad people that hurt innocent victims.  This will also hopefully help our local businesses as well.”

If you are an employer interested in this program, please contact Teri at teknutson@mt.govt   

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