It Sounded Like a Good Plan at the Time


(Bozeman, Mont.) On 3/12/16 at about 7PM 911 Dispatch got a call from two male skiers .  The mid-thirty year old Belgrade area residents stated that they reserved the Fox Creek Cabin and went to ski in from South Cottonwood Trailhead. The trail was icy, so they turned around and drove to Langhor Creek in an attempt to access the cabin from the east. They reached a ridge line where they had cell service and called 911. They were unsure of their exact location. If they dropped down toward the cabin they would lose cell service and most likely not find the cabin in the dark. If they turned around, they felt like they would need help. One of the males was fatigued and it would have difficulty making the six mile return trip. Plus, there was a chance of further disorientation.

 Verizon was able to ping their cell phone and provide a general location. A helicopter from Reach Med used those coordinates to pinpoint their location from the air. Members of the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team reached them by snowmobile and transported them out.

 Sheriff Gootkin would like to remind skiers and hikers to be prepared with food, clothing and shelter in case they need  to spend the night out – even if staying at a Forest Service Cabin. A map, compass, and GPS are also essential items. Sheriff Gootkin would also like to thank the committed volunteers that make up Search and Rescue.


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