The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office is Seeking Information on Recent Thefts

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s office is asking for assistance in locating suspects involved in recent thefts from storage units and construction sites in the Gallatin County area. It appears that suspects have been targeting storage units and construction sites where construction trailers have been parked at night or on weekends. Bolt cutters or other tools have been used to remove locks from doors to allow access.

Items which have been reported stolen include; personal belongings, sporting equipment (including guns and ammo), camping gear, two large sets of moose antlers, auto-parts, wheels and assorted tools.  Some of the tools that have been stolen at construction sites include; saws, air compressors, chainsaws as well as assorted hand and power tools. One contractor reports that tools valued at over $3,000 were stolen from one job site alone. The value of items that have been stolen is still being determined but is suspected to run to well over $50,000.

Law enforcement believe the individuals involved in the thefts may have a large enclosed truck or trailer and travel around the area seeking sites that are remote and not regularly patrolled or have additional security measures in place.

Law enforcement suggests that if you have personal property stored in a storage unit you check that unit occasionally to determine the security of your belongings. It may be advisable to purchase padlocks which will not allow thieves to cut them with bolt cutters. It is also suggested that personal belongings and tools be inventoried (with serial numbers included), photographed and marked in some way so that they can be identified if they are stolen and later recovered.

Anyone that lives near a current construction site is asked to be observant and report any suspicious activity that may not be related to work at that particular site to the Gallatin County Dispatch Center so the matter can be investigated.

Anyone with information related to these recent thefts is asked to contact the Gallatin County Sheriff’s office at 582-2100 option #2, or Crimestoppers at 586-1131 for a possible reward.

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