Storm Castle ATV Rescue

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Gallatin County Search and Rescue responded with the Sheriff’s Office today for a rescue in the area of Storm Castle Road and the Rat Lake trail.  A 44 year old female from Canton, Ohio was travelling on a four wheeler, went off the roadway and partially up an embankment.  The ATV rolled and landed on top of the driver causing back injuries.  Family members of the injured rider stayed with her while her husband went to the Shenango Helicopter base and called for help.  Members of the Forest Service responded to the scene and stabilized the patient until medical personnel arrived.  The patient was transferred to American Medical Response medics and she was transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital by ambulance.

 It is always advisable to wear safety equipment, know your location at all times and maintain communication between your group members while recreating in the backcountry.  This ATV rider was wearing a helmet during the crash, the husband knew their location and was aware of where to go for help.  These things all contributed to  the incident not turning into a tragedy.


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