Flooding Continues in Gallatin Gateway

GCEM Media ReleaseContact:  Patrick Lonergan, 582-2395
Media Release: 140108-01

Flooding Continues in Gallatin Gateway

Gallatin Gateway, MT – Residents in Gallatin Gateway along the Gallatin River are continuing to experience flooding due to an ice jam.  People in the area of Axtell-Gateway Road should expect this situation to continue to cause issues and not quickly disappear.  Like we have seen for the past month, the flooding is dynamic and should be expected to change on a regular basis.

Residents near the affected area should be closely monitoring the river conditions and have an emergency plan on how they will protect their property.  This plan should also identify what they would take, and where they would go, should they decide they need to leave.

People in the area are asked to avoid trying to drive through the affected roads.  This causes congestion as people are working to mitigate the flooding and driving on flooded roads is also dangerous.  It is also encouraged that people stay clear of the Gallatin River in the Gallatin Gateway area as the ice jams are unpredictable and can be very dangerous.

More information is available at www.ReadyGallatin.com.


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