Carrot Basin Search


  On January 6, 2014, at approximately 6:55 PM the Gallatin County/Bozeman 911 center received a call of a lost snowmobiler in the Taylor’s Fork area.  A deputy responded and spoke to the reporting party. 

   The reporting party stated that a 23 year-old Bozeman resident had become separated from their group of snowmobilers while riding in the Carrot Basin area of Taylor’s Fork and they were unable to locate him.  When he did not return to the truck by nightfall the other members drove out to the Wagon Wheel Ranch and called for help.  

   The Gallatin County Search and Rescue was activated and responded along with the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office.  A team of three searchers entered the area by snowmobile and found the missing subject within an hour.  The missing subject had followed a set of snowmobile tracks into a creek bottom and had become stuck.

   The missing subject was an experienced rider and was familiar with the area.  He had extra clothing and water and the ability to make a fire if needed.    The male walked approximately three miles back to the groomed trail where he built a fire and stayed until he was located by Search and Rescue personnel.  The missing subject was brought out by snowmobile to the trail head by Search and Rescue personnel.  He was uninjured, and in good health.

   The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind everyone that if you are enjoying the backcountry of Gallatin County to be prepared to have to spend the night.  Also, many times one person goes missing from a group of snowmobilers, he/she becomes stuck and no one notices, or they might miss a turn.  Try to stay together, and if someone does go missing don’t split up to search for him/her.  Stay together, and if you are the missing/lost person stay in one spot.

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