Ice Jam Changes in Gallatin Gateway

GCEM Media Release HeaderContact: Patrick Lonergan, 582-2395
Media Release 140101-01

Ice Jam Changes in Gallatin Gateway

Gallatin Gateway, MT – The ice jam on the Gallatin River near Gallatin Gateway has changed resulting in flooding occurring in areas adjacent to the river.  The water level in the East channel appears to have diminished in the past 24 hours while the West channel has seen increased water levels resulting in water leaving the West river channel.  It is suspected that the existing ice jam has changed and blocked off water flow to the East channel.  This is similar to the situation that resulted in flooding in December.  Emergency personnel have been in contact with affected residents and will continue to monitor the situation.  The Gallatin County Road Department has closed Axtell-Gateway Road from Gateway South Road to Deer Spring Lane.

Winter flooding can change rapidly and catch people off guard.  The area affected by flood waters presently can be completely different from what is affected a couple hours later.  Residents in the area should closely monitor the river status and ensure they take necessary steps to protect their property prior to flooding occurring.  If it looks like the water could affect your house, you should develop a plan on how to protect your property and implement it now.  More information on flooding is available at


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