Miner Paradise Complex Morning Fire Update 8-23

Start date:  August 16, 2013 (N. Eightmile)

Contact:  Mariah Leuschen, Jack Conner, Heather Noel      


Direct Information Land Lines:  (406) 333-9961, (406) 333-9971

Email:  minerparadisecomplex@gmail.com


Park County 911 encourages residents to sign up for Emergency notifications with your cell at: www.livingstonmontana.org and www.parkcounty.org


As of August 22, Park County has implemented a burn ban for all outdoor burning.


Location:  Sheep Fire in Tom Miner Basin, North Eightmile and Horsetail Fires along Gallatin Crest, Emigrant Fire – 8 miles south of Emigrant


Combined Current Size:  Approximately 11,334 acres, 4 fires       Containment: 5%

Sheep Fire: Approximately 570 acres, North Eightmile Fire: Approximately 414 acres,

Horsetail Fire:  Approximately 143 acres, Emigrant Fire: Approximately 10,207 acres. 

Resources Assigned: 2 Hotshot crews enroute, 5 twenty person crews, 4 helicopters, 25 engines, 3 dozers. Total personnel:  440


FIRE NAME:  Emigrant Fire


DATE OF DETECTION:  July 21, 2013

CAUSE:  Lightning

CURRENT SIZE:  approximately 10,207 acres


LOCATION:  South of Emigrant Peak, between Gold Prize Creek and North Fork Sixmile Creek

AGENCY:  Gallatin National Forest

PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES ON THE FIRE: 2 Type I IA crews, 2 Type 2 IA crews, 15 engines, 1 dozer


THURSDAY’S ACTIVITY:  Firefighters worked to create direct handline on the northwest perimeter of the fire. Helicopter drops and retardant aided firefighters to create direct and indirect line on the west perimeter of the fire. Crews continued to mop-up in the Sixmile Creek Road. Structure assessment plans were initiated in Cedar Creek surrounding the historic OTO ranch along with areas north/northeast of the fire in Mill Creek vicinity.


FRIDAY’S PLANNED ACTIVITY: Today crews will continue constructing direct fire line on the northwest perimeter. Firefighters will continue to assess future opportunities for control lines in Emigrant Creek and assess the structure protection plan for the OTO ranch.  Community Protection Assessments will be analyzed for Cedar Creek and Slip and Slide areas working with the Park County Sherriff’s Department.  Helicopters will be utilized for bucket work as needed and personnel will continue to locate and assess medivac sites.  Retardant air tankers will continue to be available and utilized.


CLOSURES & OTHER INFORMATION:  The Emigrant Fire Closure includes National Forest System lands along the western boundary, north to Natioanl Forest System Lands around Chico in section 13, running east to the West Fork of the Mill Creek Road including Chico Peak. Trail # 78 Wicked Trail is closed.  This closure extends south to Fish, Knox, and Thompson Lakes. Monitor Peak and trails leading to are also closed continuing west and including all National Forest System Lands directly adjacent to Dome Mountain WMA. The Monitor Peak Trail #61, Trail #62 to Knox and Fish Lakes along with Trail #33 bumping into Trail #60 to Monitor Peak from the South.  A full map is available on inciweb under maps. Additional Trail closures include  the North Fork of Bear Creek #60, Knox Lake #64 and #279 Monitor Peak Connector Trail on the Gardiner and Yellowstone R.D.’s 


The Forest Service portion of Sixmile Creek Road from its junction with the Dailey Lake Road will be closed until further notice. The Sixmile Creek Trail (#61) and North Fork of Sixmile Creek Trail (#606) will be closed to their junction with Trail #601 north of Monitor Peak.

People traveling near the Emigrant Fire Helibase are urged to be cautious of fire personnel and the helicopter operating near Conlin Road.


FIRE NAME:  Sheep Fire


DATE OF DETECTION:  August 12, 2013

CAUSE:  Lightning

CURRENT SIZE:  approximately 570 acres


LOCATION:  Sawtooth Mountain in Tom Miner Basin, approximately 25 miles northwest of Gardiner

AGENCY:  Gallatin National Forest

PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES ON THE FIRE: 1 Type 2 crew, 6 engines, 1 dozer

THURSDAY’S ACTIVITY:  Dozer line was completed on the east perimeter of the fire. Firefighters constructed direct and indirect handline on the eastern side of the fire and tied into a rock outcropping on the south east portion of the fire. Aviation resources were used today to attack any hotspots occurring within islands of unburned vegetation. A contingency line was completed today west of the fire.


FRIDAY’S  PLANNED ACTIVITY: Today firefighters will begin mop-up from the northern division break working south and continue to build fireline and mop-up spot fires.  The crew will look to go direct and begin mop-up on the East perimeter of the fire and utilize retardant on the contingency line to the east of Horse Creek. On the western perimeter firefighters will improve existing control lines in preparation of possible burning operations and utilize retardant to keep the fire out of Sheep Creek. Medivac sites will continue to be located and assessed.


CLOSURES & OTHER INFORMATION:  A Closure Order is in place for the Tom Miner Basin on National Forest System Lands affected by the Sheep Fire along the southern portion of the Tom Miner Basin which includes the Tom Miner Campground.  Map is available on Inciweb under maps.


FIRE NAME:  North Eightmile Fire


DATE OF DETECTION:  August 16, 2013

CAUSE:  Lightning

CURRENT SIZE:  approximately 413 acres           

CONTAINMENT:  5%                                           

LOCATION:  North Fork Eightmile Creek, approximately 20 miles southwest of Livingston

AGENCY:  Gallatin National Forest


THURSDAY’S ACTIVITY:  Firefighters completed direct line west/northwest of the fire. Firefighters contained small slop-over’s that occurred over the ridge on the west/northwest side of the fire.


FRIDAY’S PLANNED ACTIVITY:  Today firefighters will continue to hold the fire along the Gallatin Crest working the ridgeline west/northwest of the fire to keep fire out of Bozeman Creek drainage.  The crew will mop up securing the fire’s perimeter along the Gallatin Ridge and holding it from dropping into the Bozeman Creek side and utilizing helicopters for bucket work as needed.



FIRE NAME:  Horsetail Fire


DATE OF DETECTION:  August 11, 2013       

CAUSE:  Lightning

CURRENT SIZE:  approximately 143 acres                   




LOCATION:  ½ mile north of Horsetail Falls, east of Flanders Mountain

AGENCY:  Gallatin National Forest



THURSDAY’S ACTIVITY:  Fire personnel worked on the northern perimeter and established indirect line in the Flanders Creek drainage to tie into natural barriers. A spike camp was established to support firefighters at the Chisholm Campground. 


FRIDAY’S PLANNED ACTIVITY:  Today firefighters will prep the East Fork of Hyalite for suppression action and scout opportunities for containment lines.  The crew will continue clearing brush and creating handline on roads and trails in the Flanders Creek and East Fork Drainages. Helicopters will be utilized for bucket work as needed and continue to locate and assess medivac sites.


CLOSURES: East Fork Hyalite East Fork of Hyalite is closed including Palisade Falls Trailhead and picnic area, Emerald Lake Trailhead and Flanders Creek drainage.  Gate is closed at East side of Hyalite Dam including Chisholm, and Hood Creek campgrounds and Palisades, Emerald Lake and Flanders Creek Trailheads are closed.  Windowrock and Maxey Cabin are closed.  Blackmore Day Use Area will remain open.  This closure is due to the Horsetail Fire. 


FIRE WEATHER: Today thunderstorms will continue to impact the area with potential lightning and wetting rain. Daytime temperatures will stay between 75-80, relative humidity at 20-25%, and ridgetop winds in the 15-25 mph range from the SW possibly mixing in lower and affecting fire behavior.  The inversion over the fire, present the past couple days, has lifted out early this morning and thunderstorms will likely start to develop earlier, with gusty, erratic winds possible surrounding the cells. 

Cooperating Agencies:  Custer and Gallatin National Forests, Park County DES and Sheriff’s Department, Gallatin Co DES and Sheriff’s Department, Paradise Valley Rural Fire, MT DNRC.          


For further information, go to: http://www.inciweb.org

Each of the fires are currently listed under the Miner Paradise Complex.


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